Hi dear The Drop It friends,

Some of you may not know already but I live in Las Vegas, the #1 destination for bachelorette parties and shot gun weddings. It is also where one of the biggest bridal trade shows takes place each year: the "Bridal Spectacular" (today and tomorrow). I plan on visiting the show and giving you a full report on all the fun products I find.

The first step to organizing any wedding and way before getting to the bachelorette party is selecting your besties as your bridesmaids. Sometimes, choosing your bridesmaids is the easy part, the complicated one is finding the perfect gift to ask them "Would you be my bridesmaid"? Although we all know they will most likely say yes, it is always a nice gesture to make it special for the ladies who will be by your side on your special day and of course the ones who will ultimately organize your bachelorette party.

An original idea & beautiful gesture is to send a handwritten letter to each of the ladies reminiscing the milestones you lived together and what makes your friendship so unique. Now that you have taken time to write personalized letters to each of your bridesmaids, it is time to find and select the perfect gift. Instead of going for the usual bracelet, tumbler with their name or t-shirt, why not chose an original gift they will reuse again and again (and think of you every time they use it)? We suggest the Champagne to Go or Wine to Go which come with different designs allowing you to offer the ladies a design that reflects their personality & taste. This gift gives each lady an Ice Bag (to chill their bottle of wine or champagne) as well as 2 reusable, BPA free, fun designed cups to cheer all night long with you. You can even tell the ladies to bring their cups to the bridal shower or bachelorette party to continue the "cheering" with their special cups.

Every time the ladies take a sip from The Drop It cups they will not only remember the special moments shared with you, they will also think of the person who gifted them (you!).

We hope you enjoyed our bridal segment & wish you an amazing weekend!


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