As much as I love to go out, planning a girls night in is always my favorite. Sometimes it feels good to be able to catch up with my girlfriends when I haven't seen them in a while. Our girls night in allows us to share stories without the chaos of a noisy restaurant or venue.

Since our schedules are always a little hectic, I like to plan girls nights in advance. Not only does this give everyone time to mark it on the calendar, it also allows for prep time to make the night a bit more festive. From activities and movies to snacks and choosing the right wine, these are my tips for planning the perfect Girls Night In!

1 – Prep your space 

Before your friends come over, do a little prep work to make the space inviting. Fresh flowers, candles, and a bit of holiday decor are simple touches that always make an impact. Also, be sure to tidy up your space a bit and fluff the pillows!

2 – Start with wine 

When my girlfriends and I get together, we always bring wine. If you’re the host, be sure to keep a couple extra bottles on hand. If you’re the guest, bring a bottle with you & a Wine-to-go. These 2 unbreakable tritan plastic wine glasses and ice bag are not only the perfect gift but will also be useful during the night!

3 – Serve a variety of snacks 

Rather than having a sit down dinner, I’ve found my girlfriends and I love snacking when we get together. I love setting out a mix of salty and sweet bites for the night. Snacks are easy and require little effort, plus your friends will always appreciate it! 

4 – Choose a Netflix show before your friends arrive 

I usually turn on a comedy or chick-flick series we’ve all seen before, so there’s background noise when my friends arrive. Unless we dedicate the night to watching a movie, I like to have a familiar show we can tune in and out of while we chat and catch up.

5 – Keep some games on hand

While board games can sound a little cheesy sometimes, my friends and I love playing THE DROP IT Party Mix Wine Duo game. Add a little wine and the competition gets fierce.

6 – Include a spa treatment 

Treat your girlfriends to a refreshing face mask. Sheet masks are so easy to use, affordable, and they don’t require water. Everyone looks ridiculous in a face mask so it’s always a good laugh.

7 – Keep lots of blankets on hand 

I’m always cold, so I love keeping a basket of blankets next to the couch in case my friends get cold too! It keeps everyone happy and comfortable!

We hope you enjoy these tips for the next time you plan a girls night in! Do you have any favorite entertaining tips to share with us?

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