Many people have asked us recently the origin behind the name of our brand "THE DROP IT". The process of finding the name is a funny story but the technicality behind it is very specific and straight forward. 

Our entire line of cups is unbreakable. They can be dropped again and again without a risk of shattering. Therefore we dare you to "drop" the cups with no fear that they will break. The unbreakable property of the cups is 100% related to the fact that the cups are made with the highest quality of plastic called: Tritan™ plastic. Tritan™ plastic looks like glass, until you "drop it". And while other clear plastic or stainless products lose their luster after repeated dishwashing — products made with Tritan have looks that last. Tritan™ is a patented material made exclusively by Eastman (the Kodak company). It is a clear plastic that retains its color and gloss even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles.

Now that we know why we chose the name "THE DROP IT", we want to share a fun story of how the name came along. It was neither of the founders (Stephanie and Amandine) who had the idea for this name. It all happened a few month ago, at Amandine's bachelorette party, when a few friends came together to celebrate the future bride. Steph and Amy were very anxious because they were launching their brand at a trade show in New York in only a few weeks. They absolutely had to come up with a name in the next few days. While brainstorming during the bachelorette brunch, every lady was asked to pitch in a few name and one of the ladies just said: "Why don't you DROP IT". And this is how we chose THE DROP IT. Indeed, the cups can be dropped again and again it is what makes them so special. Steph & Amy found the name so explanatory, yet fun at the same time, that they decided right then and there, in the middle of a bachelorette brunch, to name the brand "THE DROP IT".

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things in business and in life. "THE DROP IT" is an example of how sometimes you need to go back to the basics and figure out what makes your brand so special. "THE DROP IT" is simple and straight forward which is why we chose it as the name of our brand.

We hope you have an amazing hump day,



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