With more than 8 trillion pieces of plastic dumped in the world's oceans each year, and 91% of plastic going un-recycled, we felt is was very important for us to come up with a product that was sustainable and reusable. Sustainability in our products and our packaging are a priority for us.

This is how we came up with the Wine-to-Go and The Drop It unbreakable cups.

Our The Drop It unbreakable cups are not only a fun drinkware line perfect for gifting, they are also responding to a very important problem which is disposable plastic. We wanted people to enjoy a drink at the pool, a wine glass during picnic and a sip by the beach without having to resort to disposable cups. The Drop It cups can be washed up to 1500 times and will not lose their clarity. They are also unbreakable, BPA free and will last a lifetime.

The Wine-to-Go, Champagne-to-Go and 4 pink champagne flutes in the wet bag all come in a useful packaging. This means that the cups come in either a wet bag you can use at the beach or pool to carry your accessories, or in an Ice Bag that can be used to chill your bottle of wine or champagne. This double purpose packaging was very important to us in our mission to reduce disposable and non recyclable materials.

With one billion people asking "what difference is one cup going to make?" we are hoping to shift this thinking by providing fun yet sustainable solutions to keep Mother Earth on our good side.




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