Our Champagne Cheat Sheet Is All You Need To Survive

We are not booze snobs. We love big batch Jell-O shots as much as we love boozy root beers. But this time of year, we like to get fancy. And champagne is the only way to go.

To be clear, we aren't SO fancy that we're drinking actual champagne—which comes from a very specific region in France and is generally much more expensive. We're usually drinking sparkling white wine, like Prosecco. But for the sake of simplicity, we'll call it champagne.

While we're always happy to down a glass—or three—of bubbly, we're also suckers for an upgrade. And there are so many amazing things you can do with champagne that don't require a mixology degree. In most cases, all it needs is a little something—a splash of grenadine, a kick of bitters—to totally transform it. So we created this easy-to-follow guide to give you all the champagne cocktail inspiration you'd need. 

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