Gifts Anyone Who Loves Wine Will Appreciate

You would think buying a gift for someone who likes wine would be easy. Just go to the store and choose the nicest-looking bottle that's within that pricing sweet spot: Not too expensive, for your sake, and not so cheap that you come off looking like a miser. But then you get to the store and there are about 100 bottles that fit the bill, completely overwhelming your senses. Skip all that nonsense and buy them a gift that isn't wine, but helps them better enjoy wine. It's more interesting, and besides, you know their wine rack is well-stocked with reds and whites already. From high-tech aerators to stylish glasses to unique accessories, here are the best wine gifts for wine lovers.

Sugarfina Rosé All Day! Candy Bento Box. Perfect for the rosé lover in your life.

Winc Subscription. The wine subscription box you've heard about on podcasts and seen on Instagram has a few different gifting options: a gift card, so someone can start their subscription on you, or gift boxes, like this Compartes x Dime set.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit. The start to an ideal date night. (It takes awhile though so...maybe bring a ready to drink bottle, too.) There's aPinot Grigio-making kit for white wine fans, BTW.

The Drop It WINE-TO-GO: Instead of bringing a bottle of wine, get the WINE-TO-GO, a set of 2 wine glasses and an ice bag. This set of 3 allows you to chill your bottle in your ice bag and bring your beverage on the go to your patio, the park or the beach! All The Drop It cups are unbreakable, BPA free, dishwasher safe and make the best gift if you are invited to a party. Discover our other many cup designs here: red flamingo, blue flamingo, LOVE on white wine glass and LOVE on clear wine glass.

Little Nook Box Wine Dispenser. While boxed wine has definitely gotten cuter over the years, sometimes, you just wanna hide the whole bag-of-booze aesthetic. Enter: Wine Nook! These cute little lockers of sorts hold any 3-liter bag-in-a-box-style beverage and double as holders for your own wine (up to four bottles!), cocktails, or punch. Plus, they come with chalk so you can label what's inside.

Wine Bottle Straws. So it's looking like a drink-the-whole-bottle kind of night? We've got just the thing. These glittery pink straws are meant to fit the size of a bottle of wine—and they come in four packs, because if you're drinking a full bottle of wine, you should probably have some friends around.

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder. Have you ever seen something more genius (or hilarious)?

XL Prosecco Glass. More into prosecco? Don't worry, there's a giant one of those too. 

Marble Wine Cooler. This wine cooler looks so chic—and is cheap enough that you can buy a bottle to go with it, too!

Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes. Put your vino knowledge to the test with this fun trivia game.

Wine Soaps. It's made with cocoa butter, but smells like wine.

Rewined Candles. These all-natural soy candles have a subtle, wine-inspired look and scent. They also burn for up to 80 hours!





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