Many people have ask us: what is Tritan plastic? As you may have noticed, the entire collection of The Drop It cups are made of Tritan plastic. Time and again, we refer to a Tritan cups as a quality alternative to an aluminum, glass, or other BPA-free plastic bottle such as acrylic. Does it seem like we just love Tritan?

1. Dishwasher safe. BOOM. Really, do you need any other reason? For longevity of the imprint on the bottle, we do suggest hand-washing your water bottles in warm soapy water. But, a Tritan cup is very happy on the top shelf of your dishwasher, next to your glass water bottles. No other material should ever be washed in this manner.

2. Odorproof. Truth: plastic cups can get stinky and dirty. Your Tritan cup is designed to be odorproof. It’s in its copolyester DNA.

3. Stainproof. Amazing! Seriously, though, who wants to drink anything from a splotchy, Rorschach test-looking wine cup?

4. Shatter resistant. Go ahead, drop your Tritan cup. It likely won’t break. Tritan is tough! We’ve seen videos where Tritan cups are dropped from rooftops. They don’t break.

5. Super awesome looking. Our Tritan wine cups have a nice weight, great designs, and tons of colors and styles to choose from. They often have just as high of a perceived value as metal—and sometimes more so! Your recipient will love having a wine-to-go.


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