What better to celebrate the mid-week than some Rosé champagne topped with fresh cotton candy? This makes for a beautiful cocktail perfect for a garden party, wedding, or any other special event. The cotton candy will dissolve when it hits the champagne, creating a sweet champagne cocktail.


  • 1 bottle of champagne sparkling wine or rose champagne
  • fresh cotton candy flavor of your choice you can make your own or buy fresh packaged cotton candy


Pour champagne into glasses about 2/3 full.  Do not fill to the top as you do not want the champagne to touch the cotton candy until people are ready to drink.

We hope you enjoy this delicious drink and what better glass to drink it in than The Drop It unbreakable champagne glasses made of Tritan plastic? If you are looking to bring a hostess gift, look no further: THE DROP IT champagne-to-go is a special gift set which includes 2 champagne flutes and 1 ice bag used to chill your champagne.

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