We were visiting NYC recently for work and to enjoy the last days of summer. Sometimes you walk around NYC on a summer day and in the distance you hear a saxophone playing and you can't figure out if you're imagining it because you feel like you're in an actual movie or if NY is just really that magical and what you are hearing is real life. You could say that this day was out of a movie. We decided to head up to Central park for a picnic and I have to say it couldn't have been more perfect. We found a little plot of grass right by the water and set up shop. We stayed as the sun started to fall behind the trees. Hours of talking and people watching. Free entertainment from a guitarist who passed through, a man with bag pipes, and a group of 70 year olds doing interpretive dance. I think that's one of my favorite parts of this city, things are just always happening.

Our picnic included fresh cherries, charcuterie and cheeses, fig jam, a french baguette, watermelon, berries, chip and salsa, Perrier and champagne, just a big pile of perfection. We brought with us our Champagne-to-go, it is the perfect picnic companion. You can bring it to the park thanks the its handles making it easy to carry around. Simply chill your champagne inside the Ice Bag by adding cold water from the park fountain and ice if you happen to have some.

Central Park is really just one of the most incredible places, everyone is happy, spending time with friends, there are millions of people around you yet you feel like it's peaceful and relaxing.


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