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Best Canned Wines!

Canned wines are becoming more and more trendy. I honestly had never heard of such a thing until this year, when I saw them everywhere at pool parties & picnics. I enlisted the help of my lovely sister to pick up some of the canned wines that had some of the best ratings, and to create a list of the best canned wines for you.

Coppola Sofia Canned Wines

Let’s start with the best, because it’s way better than starting on a bad note. I picked up two of the Sofia canned wines. One was their Brut Rosé and the other was their Blanc De Blanc. They were $3.99 per can, although they do sell them for $16.99 per four pack at Target.

These wines remind me of adult Capri Suns. They were my favorite out of the bunch that we sampled, and the most picture worthy as well. I love the fact that they came with their own straw, because it just added a fun element to the fact that you were sipping on wine from a can.

Blanc de Blanc

Tasting Notes: This wine was surprisingly rich in flavor and had a great profile. It was slightly carbonated, and was a white wine, despite the red can. You could really taste the apple and slight melon notes of this wine, with a sweetness from honey. There was also a slight bouquet of sweet, ripe pear on this wine, which was surprising since there wasn’t one at all on the other cans in this list.

Brut Rosé

Tasting Notes: This wine is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, giving it a fun peachy color, just like the can. It is slightly less sweet compared to the Blanc de Blanc, but it has an equal amount of carbonation. There are notes of strawberry and peach, but it is a dry wine so those flavors aren’t overly sweet.

Underwood Canned Wines

Underwood canned wines are a part of the Union Wine Company. You can find these wines for $5.99 a can, or $28.00 for a four pack in most places. You do get more fluid ounces in these cans than the Sofia canned wine above.

Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes: This wine was surprisingly heavy on the chocolate notes, which made it seem really heavy. There were also notes of cherry, and a hint of raspberry. Although, I feel like the berry notes were definitely overpowered by the chocolate. this made the wine seem very one note and slightly watered down.

Pinot Grigio

Tasting Notes: My step-dad sampled this wine for me, and although he isn’t quite as… descriptive in his wine assessments as I am, he thought that it didn’t taste any different in a can compared to a bottle. There wasn’t any odd aftertaste or difference in the flavor of the wine because it was in a can. The tasting notes of this wine are supposed to be peach, grapefruit, and pear. The pear seemed to be the most overwhelming, and the carbonation in this wine was pretty non-exsistent.

I did enjoy the fun wine facts that they had on the cans of these wines. The “easy drinking” claim of these wines is true for the white, although I don’t know if I would agree with that on the red.

Lila Canned Wines

The packaging on the wines was my favorite, because I think they looked the most elegant. However, this was unfortunately one of the best things about them, in my opinion. You can find them for $12 for a four pack, or around $3.99 per can.


Tasting Notes: This was the only one of the Lila wines that I would drink again. It tasted just like a Brut champagne, but in can form. It was the sweetest of all three, and also the most carbonated. This made it a little more flavorful, or at least more fun to drink. You could taste the citrus and the honeysuckle in this wine.


Tasting Notes: There were a lot of mineral notes in this wine, which I was not a fan of. It was very overpowering in comparison to the flavors of watermelon and berry that this wine was supposed to contain.

Pinot Grigio

Tasting Notes: This wine was very tart, and very flat. Although it did have some of the flavors of the typical pinot Grigio (green apple and citrus) they were very light. This wine needed something more to it.


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