It’s hard to believe that there are only a few weeks until the official beginning of fall. Weren’t we just breaking out our Margaritas and Daiquiris for the season? It’s officially time to switch things up. From football-worthy punches to apple-infused drinks, we have the 9 cocktails you need for all your September parties.

1. Amaretto Sour

This isn’t the overly-sweet Amaretto Sour you’re used to. Instead, this version shirks premade sour mix for real ingredients, resulting in just the right blend of sweet, sour and nutty. Simply shake amaretto, bourbon, fresh lemon juice, rich simple syrup and an egg white until frothy, and garnish with a lemon peel and brandied cherries.

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2. Bijou

This boozy cocktail is a true gem. Gin, sweet vermouth, Green Chartreuse and Campari are stirred with ice, then strained and topped with an orange twist for a spirit-forward classic you can enjoy all year long.

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3. Fall & Summer

Celebrate the end of one season and the beginning of another with this transitional cocktail. Añejo tequila, fig preserves, orange juice, rosemary and homemade ginger syrup combine to create a drink that’s perfect for ushering in cooler evenings.

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4. Apple Business

Looking for a fruit-forward drink that still has the essence of fall? Look no further. This apple-based tipple mixes gin, apple juice, lime juice and honey to craft a drink that’s just sweet enough in the most addictive way.

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5. Game Day Sangria

The start of football season calls for a cocktail that you can serve to even the largest parties. This mix of white wine, apple cider, hard cider and ginger ale gets a lift from lemon. Mix up a big batch in a pitcher at the kick-off so you can keep everyone hydrated while you watch the game instead of the bar.

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6. Sea of Confusion

Confused by a Tiki cocktail that tastes like fall? Maybe, but even so, this drink will definitely keep you coming back for more. Gold rum, pear brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Cappelletti amaro sfumato rabarbaro, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice and bitters are topped with 151-proof rum.

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7. Start Me Up!

Get things started with this gin cocktail. Gin, apple cider, ginger liqueur and pomegranate juice are a light and refreshing combination that screams fall. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a lemon wedge.

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8. Transfusion
This country club classic is perfect for days when it’s still a bit too hot out. Homemade ginger syrup and Concord grape juice ice cubes lend an elegant flair to vodka, fresh lime juice and club soda. Top with a grape and piece of ginger to give a hint of what flavors lie within.

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9. Planter's Punch

This simple yet delicious punch is a classic for a reason. Dark rum, lime juice, simple syrup, grenadine, Angostura bitters and soda water are an irresistibly spicy and citrusy combination that will keep you coming back sip after sip.

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We hope you enjoy our fall suggestions!


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