12 Fall Sangria Recipes Perfect For Crisp Autumn Days

Sangria is a fun and versatile cocktail that is delicious and refreshing all year round. Theses beautiful fall sangria cocktails are beyond perfect for the crisp autumn days.

Sangria is amazing because you can start with any combination of wine, fruit, liquor and spices that you let marinate overnight for a delicious flavor. The ingredients that makes these sangrias fall friendly is the fresh fruit and spices.

Since apples and cinnamon go hand in hand, these fall flavors stand out and make for a refreshing autumn drink. Typically wine is the base for a sangria then you layer flavors with a complimentary liquor like brandy or bourbon, you can also add something carbonated like club soda, champange, or ginger beer. To finish add the fresh fruit to absorb the alcohol and marinate. My favorite part is the wine soaked fruit because the fruit is bright and bursting with the sangria flavor that you can eat once it has been drunk!

Pro sangria tip: Make the sangria ahead of time like overnight or at least 10-12 hours in advance. This helps the flavors come together and properly infuse its juices. Sangria is all about the wine and fruit so it’s a really important step! The golden rule is that sangria gets better as it sits.

Today features sangria recipes like caramel apple sangria, apple and pear white wine sangria and cranberry orange sangria! Whatever sangria recipe you choose to make these recipes can be easily made for a large group or cut down for two.

Another thing to note, before serving add some fresh cut fruit and crushed ice for a nice presentation that will be a delight on a chilly day. Here’s 12 Fall Sangria Recipes Perfect For Crisp Autumn Days!

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1. Autumn Sangria with Apples, Pomegranate and Fig

Autumn Sangria with Apples, Pomegranate and Fig | Fall Sangria Cocktails

This autumn sangria uses two of my favorite fall fruits that are hardly used in everyday cooking. So it makes me so excited to see pomegranates and figs in a delicious chilled prosecco and brandy cocktail. The pomegranate juice is tart but its balanced out with brandy and prosecco. But let’s not forget about the colors they are rich and bold! The best is the fresh fruit because it will soak up all that yumminess!  

2. Apple & Pear White Sangria

Apple & Pear White Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

Think of a crisp apple pie that is turned into a delicious sangria. It’s bold autumn flavors transformed into a refreshing sangria cocktail that everyone will love. The secret is the pear and lemon, it balances the drink out and makes it perfectly sweet!

3. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktail

This honeycrisp apple sangria screams fall and it’s the perfect cocktail for your chilly weekends ahead. Each glass explodes with flavors of cider, citrus, cinnamon, and honeycrisp apples. This autumn-inspired sangria is sweet, but not too sweet which is delicious!

4. Cranberry Orange Apple White Sangria

Cranberry Orange Apple White Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktail

This white wine sangria is a classic fall and winter drink. The combination of cranberry, orange and apple screams autumn. It’s a bright and citrusy drink that goes perfectly with a rich dinner or dessert. You can easily serve this for a crowd at a brunch or make a small batch to enjoy with a few friends!

5. Caramel Apple Sangria

Caramel Apple Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

This is the simplest autumn sangria you’ll ever make. It starts with apple cider, moscato, caramel syrup and crisp fall apples. The caramel syrup is the rich caramel body flavor in this sangria that makes it special and its own fall drink. Serve with fresh chopped apples. It’s a beautiful golden color that makes it perfect for autumn!

6. Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Sangria

Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

This slow cooker sangria makes me so happy because it really shows you that there are no limits with making sangria and this slow cooker thanksgiving sangria proves just that. This an impressive warm spiced drink that will make your home smell fantastic as soon as the slow cooker turns on. You and your guests will fall in love with this Thanksgiving sangria!

7. Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Apple Spiced Sangria

Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Apple Spice Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

What’s fall without a little pumpkin? Now this pumpkin cocktail is bright with a hint of warm spices that is completed with apples, pears, pumpkin puree, bourbon, and champagne. It is the perfect amount of fizzy and bold flavors you will want again and again.

8. Blood Orange Sangria

Blood Orange Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

The blood orange and the perfect ruby red color that is so vibrant and appetizing. The citrus juice goes perfectly with a bottle of pinot grigio white wine. Add some simple syrup or agave to balance out the tartness from the citrus juice. Once mixed serve over crushed ice and a slice of blood orange!

9. Red Wine Cider Sangria

Red Wine Apple Cider Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

This sangria recipe is so simple but oh so tasty with a full bodied red wine and apple cider. Then you mix them together and carefully pour it over sliced apples and pears. Use cinnamon sticks to garnish and stir your sangria. The longer the cinnamon stick sits in your cocktail the richer the flavor becomes!

10. Autumn Apple Rose Sangria

Autumn Apple Rose Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

Rose all day my friends! Rose makes for the best sangria. It has characteristics from both red and white wine but it crisp and always refreshing. This autumn apple rose sangria has just the right amount of sweetness! It’s a must try!

11. Cherry Blueberry Apple Sangria

Cherry Blueberry Apple Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

The cherry blueberry apple sangria is a bold cocktail that is perfect for a chilly weekend afternoon. The combination of cherry and blueberry is simple and delicious. This sangria is quick and easy to make and totally perfect for a crowd. I’ve used black cherries and it was the perfect touch to make it everything I wanted!

12. Christmas Sangria

Christmas Sangria | Fall Sangria Cocktails

This cocktail is Christmas in a glass. Between a little white wine, ginger beer, apple cider, some brandy, a few pears, a few oranges and a bunch of pomegranate seeds. The secret ingredients is the cinnamon sugar rim of each serving glass. It’s the tasty surprise that will complete your Christmas sangria!

Sangrias are an all year round kind of drink that can be made with any seasons fruit. Fall has some of the year’s best ingredients like apples, cinnamon, pears, cranberries and oranges. Any of these autumn ingredients will make your sangria a star! It’s the best fall flavors all in one cup.

Happy Fall!

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