Having just spent the weekend in Las Vegas celebrating a dear friend's bachelorette party, I thought it would be nice to share a few games that are perfect for the occasion. The games range from classy to ones that are bit more suggestive, it is a bachelorette party after all!

1. Printable What’s On Your Phone Game – players score points based on things they have on their phone including everything from a Lady Gaga song in their playlist to having made a picture of them with a guy on their phone. Download the printable here.

2. Detective Forehead Game - First get The Drop It Party Mix Wine Duo here and start playing! Simply write a famous person's name (fictional or real) on the sticky note included in the box. Be creative! Then stick the note on someone else's forehead. Finally each person needs to guess which person they are by only asking yes or no questions. The first person to guess correctly wins! The box includes 2 wine cups, 2 silicone coasters and the game. We suggest to buy around 3 boxes if you are 6 people playing. Here are the links for a variety wine cup colors: pink, white and clear. The unbreakable tritan plastic wine cups are the gifts that will last you well after the bachelorette party and will be an amazing memory of that special weekend.

3. Famous Movie Love Quotes – Players have to try to guess the movie these famous love quotes are from! Get the printable here.

4. Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence – Players have to finish the sentences on these printable game cards with what they think the bride to be will say. Whoever matches the bride most wins. Full instructions and printable here.

5. I Dare You – A printable dare to-do list where players can earn points from doing something as simple as cartwheel to something more complicated (and worth more points) such as getting phone numbers from five guys. Get the printable to-do list and scorecard here.

6. Toilet Paper Lingerie – Players have to use toilet paper to make either a romantic or naughty piece of lingerie. I can only imagine the things people might come up with! Full instructions here.

7. Bra Pong – I couldn’t find the actual instructions for this game but the idea is simple – bounce ping pong balls and try and land them inside of bras glued to a poster board. You could do whatever you want with the rules if someone makes or misses it like having a truth or dare jar – if they make it, they choose truth or dare. If they miss, they have to do a dare. Or play with teams and give each bra a point value – team (or individual) with the most points wins a Victoria Secret gift card.

8. Kiss the Lips – Blind fold players and instead of having to pin the tail on the donkey, they must try to land a kiss on the lips of a blown up photo. Full instructions here.

9. Don’t Say It – A Bachelorette party game of taboo. Get people to guess a certain word without saying any of the “don’t say” words on the card. Hilarious to see what people come up with! Get the card set and instructions here.

10. How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette – Pull a card from this card desk and see how well you know the bachelorette. All types of questions – funny and serious! Get the cards here.


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